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About Us


Macek Power & Turbomachinery Engineering is a privately owned company that was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2003.  Business operations subsequently launched early in 2007. The original mission of Macek Power was the development, sales, and support of the "Heat Engine" software used for steam turbine performance simulation.  Although Macek Power continues to develop and improve the software for internal use, the company has evolved into a consulting firm specializing in steam turbine design, turbomachinery, mechanical power generation, on site technical support, and root cause failure analysis.


The engineering capacity of Macek Power consists of a blend of broad-based industry experience in both repair shop and field settings with theoretical and computer-based mechanical engineering backgrounds.  Our specialties are steam turbine design and power generation engineering. Additionally, significant experience with a wide variety of turbomachinery including gas turbines, pumps, and compressors is available to the client.  Our clients include the petrochemical and process industries, utility and agricultural plants, repair and manufacturing facilities, and other engineering firms.  The ability of Macek Power to resolve turbomachinery related design and operational issues using a balance between theory and practice is one of our most notable advantages.  Macek Power is owned and operated by a licensed engineer with more than 20 years industry experience.

Location and Resources

Macek Power is headquartered in Friendswood, Texas, which is approximately 50 km (30 miles) southeast of downtown Houston, Texas, close to the interstate highway, I-45.  Macek Power is a small business, which means that it is fast reacting, flexible, and offers reasonable service rates. Macek Power has in excess of $100,000 invested in modern software tools such AxSTREAM (turbomachine performance simulation), AxCYCLE (heat and mass balance simulation), Algor (finite element analysis), ARMD (rotordynamic analysis), SolidWorks (CAD), and AutoCAD. Additionally, the company maintains an extensive on site engineering library. Contact Macek Power for more information or for help with your industry related needs.

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