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The world demand for power generation and efficient energy solutions continues to increase at an impressive rate. Because of involvement in the turbomachinery industry and an ability to practically apply the science of thermodynamics, Macek Power is often asked to provide support to customers facing power generation issues such as plant design and layout, equipment procurement, and efficiency improvement. Through completion of various projects, Macek Power possesses a good mix of experience with combined-cycle, cogeneration (combined heat and power) and simple cycle arrangments. We hope that you will contact Macek Power for your present or future power engineering needs.

Power Engineering Services

Macek Power & Turbomachinery Engineering provides a variety of power engineering services. Some of these services include:

Plant sizing and layout

Equipment specification

Heat balance simulation

Performance studies

Feasibility studies

Waste heat to power

Equipment packaging

Owner's engineer

The experience, flexibility, and responsiveness of Macek Power are primary reasons that clients choose to work with us. Contact Macek Power today to learn more about its power engineering services and capabilities.

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