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Steam Turbine Design

Steam Turbine Services

Macek Power is equipped to handle most aspects of steam turbine design. Capabilities include flow path modeling, performance calculation, and component design. Thermal and fluid flow analyses, rotordynamic analysis, and stress analysis are employed as necessary to support design efforts. Components such as blades, nozzles, seals, and bearings can be designed as required for the specified operating conditions. Additionally, Macek Power provides design and engineering services for instrumentation, control, lube-oil, and gland leak-off systems.


Macek Power has project experience with a wide variety of steam turbine designs of various makes and frame sizes ranging in capacity from a few hundred kilowatts to 150 MW. Macek Power engineers have designed complete flow paths for single and multi-stage turbines with either condensing or non-condensing exhausts, and have provided engineering support for turbines with single-flow, double-flow, extraction, and induction arrangements. Significant manufacturing process experience benefits the design process and allows Macek Power to effectively supervise subsequent component manufacturing.

Application Engineering

Macek Power realizes that the cost and lead-time associated with the purchase of new steam turbine equipment frequently makes the refurbishment and re-application of existing equipment attractive to users. Macek Power can help with the location, initial analysis, and selection of surplus steam turbine equipment. When suitable equipment is located, Macek Power can redesign that equipment as necessary to meet performance requirements or to optimize the flow path for the intended operating conditions. Contact Macek Power for your steam turbine inspection, evaluation, modification, and application needs.

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