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Industrial Turbomachinery Consulting

The Macek Power Advantage

Macek Power & Turbomachinery Engineering offers the equipment purchaser, end-user, or repair shop the advantage of an experienced, fast responding, reasonably priced alternative for the resolution of turbomachinery issues. Our knowledge base includes a wide range of elements of design, application, modification, repair, and part manufacturing related to gas and steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors, and centrifugal pumps. If Macek Power cannot help solve your machinery related problem, then it can probably refer you to someone who can. Contact Macek Power anytime for a quick response to your needs.

Turbomachinery Services

Macek Power provides a variety of general turbomachinery design, engineering, and consulting related services. Some of these services include:

Mechanical design and analysis

Component part reverse engineering

Performance calculation

Application engineering

Equipment inspection and condition assessment

Finite element and rotordynamic analysis

Additionally, Macek Power is experienced with the design of auxiliaries such as lube oil consoles, instrumentation packages, and control systems. Experience with manufacturing processes such as machining (including CNC), welding, forming, and casting allows us to manage, supervise, and audit turbomachinery repair or implementation projects for our clients. Contact Macek Power today to learn more about its services and capabilities.

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